Thorough Analysis as the Basis of Your Success

Trying to improve a website or app without a thorough analysis can turn into a risky undertaking.

For us at Xalmiento a typical relaunch or optimisation project kicks off with at least a short analysis phase. It helps our clients and us in understanding what users want and how they interact with the site.

Depending on project type and project scope we perform one or several of the following analyses:

  • Webstats analysis: We don't just love great design, we love numbers as well. We dig through your webstats in order to understand where your site is performing well - and where it is not. Based on our comprehensive knowledge in analysing certain site types such as newssites or online classifieds sites we can not just analyse your data, but put it into perspective. Thus providing you with a qualified assessment of your site's performance.
  • Other quantitative analyses: Search logs, Google search results pages, SEO tools - all these are valuable data sources when analysing a site. We include them in our analysis package if necessary.
  • Click analysis: Modern analysis tools allow the tracking of individual clicks and even of entire user sessions. Anonymously tracking your users behavior is a standard feature of our analysis projects. We have performed click analyses on hundreds of pages so that we base our insights derived from these analyses on a very broad expertise.
  • Heuristic analyses or expert analyses: At Xalmiento we have been analysing websites and apps, specifically newssites and classifieds sites for years. Many aspects of a website ripe for improvement are often visible at first sight. In order to keep the analysis phase as cost efficient as possible we regularly include the heuristic analyses of a usability expert as a standard module into our offerings.

Bases on the analyses results and after the review or joint definition of your product strategey we know enough to move on into the concept phase of a project.