Usability as a Key Parameter for Your Success

Even though we felt it would be good to have a separate page for "Usability" on our website usability truly is an integral part of our projects.

We regularly perform usability reviews or support our customers in other ways to improve specific usability aspects.

In full-scale online projects, though, usability is an integral part of the project from the analysis phase all the way through to the design phase.

It starts with analysing user behavior, click-through-figures etc. in the analysis phase. In the concept phase we make sure that both on the overall conceptual level user goals are very much respected.

Based on years of experience our interaction designer can then create user-friendly detailed concepts and wireframes. But this is not necessarily enough.


As in the case of the relaunch of the job market of ZEIT ONLINE we conduct usability tests, learn from the results, change our concepts and - if necessary - test again until we have come up with the best possible solution.

This strong focus on usability in the concept phase is matched by our designer's desire and capability in designing user-friendly sites and apps.

We don't do usability for the sake of usability. In most cases it is the usability that defines the monetary success of your site or app, not some fancy design. We put such a strong emphasis on usability so that our customers succeed.

Feel free to contact us if you want to learn how we can help you succeed.